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AghaRTA Jazz Centrum


Zelezna 16
Prague , 11000
ph. +420222211275
em. info@agharta.cz


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AghaRTA Jazz Centrum

The most popular modern jazz venue in Prague

The club, carrying on by 2HP Production (which is also the owner of ARTA Records and ARTA Music trademarks), is opened daily since 29 September 1991, the day following the death of one of the pioneers and innovators of modern jazz Miles Davis and named after his important album from the 1970s. You can visit the club any evening and listen to a concert performed by top Czech musicians.

AghaRTA also offers visitors the chance to make a selection from its comprehensive catalogue of CD jazz recordings by a number of international publishers including the largest Czech jazz label ARTA Records. The club's shop and bar are open daily until midnight.

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Directions: 50° 5' 10.71" N 14° 25' 20.58" E



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